Our Mission

At Favor Organics, our goal is to develop natural bath and body products that support skin health. We are committed to providing an healthy alternative to the conventional commercial skincare products. Each of our handmade products is unique, reflecting the diversity and individuality of our customers.

Welcome to Favor Organics!

We extend a warm welcome and are delighted to have you join us. Favor Organics is a family-owned business located in North Carolina. Our company specializes in providing natural beauty products, encompassing artisan soaps, scrubs, body butters, and an array of other offerings. Each of our products is meticulously crafted by hand, utilizing natural oils and butters, with the aim of supporting your pursuit of a more natural lifestyle.

Favor Organics originated from a personal need to address diverse skincare concerns within our family. Each product underwent meticulous research to provide soothing and nourishing benefits to the skin. As our range expanded, we extended our offerings as gifts to acquaintances and loved ones. Subsequently, recognizing the broader demand for our products, we transitioned from a hobby to a fully-fledged business endeavor.

At Favor Organics, we aspire to collaborate with you as you redefine your approach to personal care and cleansing. Our journey began with the pursuit of a superior means to pamper our skin and transition away from harsh ingredients prevalent in mainstream products. Embrace the seamless integration of tradition and nature with Favor Organics – a destination where indulgence seamlessly intertwines with purity.